To make wine in Marsala commands a great respect of its bicentenary tradition. It binds us to the story that has become legend. This Marsala is proudly ours, because it is the nobler fruit of our earth and is a continual discovery to those who gladly yield to the emotion of greeting a great wine. The wine itself will guide you through the decision on when and how to drink it. There are no rules when it comes down to pleasure!

    Over 5 years in small Slavonian or Cherry oak barrels. Three months in the bottle follow.
    Excellent as an aperitif. Very fine dessert wine.
    Alcol 18% vol.
    Zuccheri 3%

    Terre di Giumara Olive Oil is a highly prized extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed from olives grown in the heart of the Belice Valley. The olive groves are on approximately 14 hectares of land with a total of 3600 trees that produce olives, all picked by hand: the meticulous care and the great dedication give successful to this fine product.

    Lightly veiled, obtained by natural decantation (not filtered). Fruity of olive oil, harmoniuous and fresh with a light piquant touch and a pleasant perception of bitterness. Features notes of tomato, artichoke, citrus and almond. Clean of olive oil aroma.
    A versatile oil that excels when used raw to baste even delicate dishes of meat and fish as well as preparations of vegetables and salads. Due to its high quantity of antioxidants, it’s an extremely genuine product. It can also be used for cooking thanks to its notable resistance to high temperatures.
    Avpa Paris 2015: Gourmet d’Argent
    Premio Nazionale “L’Oro d’Italia 2015”: 4/5 Gocce d’Oro
    Gli Oli d’Italia 2014 – Gambero Rosso: 2 Foglie

    The fragrance of the grapes and the use of a traditional method brings to life an harmonious and exciting product that wraps all your senses.
    Shiny Light yellow color with a perlage of interesting finesse. Delicate nose; shades of herbal and floral. Notes of apple, citrus and white peach; a hint of light toasted bread and almonds completes the bouquet.

    In the mouth is tasty, fresh and balanced; beautiful texture, dynamic and crispy.

    Fermentation in Stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and ageing on the lees up to the second fermentation. Lees ageing in the bottle for at least 12 months.

    Excellent with raw fish, shellfish and oysters. Thanks to the good acidity, it can be served throughout the entire
    meal with fish-based dishes. grouper.

    The lovely result of a long wait. Bright colour with intense golden reflections, balanced bouquet with scents of fruits and flowers, notes of honey and cinnamon follow. The wine is pleasurable on the palate due to its sweetness, sapidity and softness. Great structure.
    Careful selection of the grapes, picked by hand after being dried on the plant, de-stemmed by hand and maceration with the skin at a low temperature. After being soft pressed, the must is fermented in tonneaux, already used for Timpune. Once the desired alcohol level is reached, the temperature is lowered to stop fermentation.
    It’s a perfect dessert wine. It calls either for cheeses or sweets.