Naturalmente Bio Grillo

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Cryomaceration of the destemmed grapes in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature of 4° C for 4-12 hours. Soft pressing of the grapes, static clearing of the must and fermentation at controlled temperature of 16°C in oak and acacia tonneaux.

In stainless steel tanks “sur lies”, 2 batonages a day. Final ageing in the bottle for 2 months.

Grillo vines are the flagship of our varieties. For this wine we have chosen the highest hill in order to exalt its freshness and flavour. We put it into tonneaux to trap its body giving it a delicate note of oak and acacia. Such good care for a wine symbol of western Sicily. Intensity and elegance are the perfect mix of this wine. Wide bouquet with a natural delicacy.

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